Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dota 2 Maphack for version 6.79 Oct 2013 Update

This is new Dota 2 MapHack for version 6.79 Update Oct 2013, is the latest Dota2 MapHack Update

The Dota2 New Update has been tested by thousands on our popular gaming forum, most had already used our older Dota 2 MapHack version before. They have reported that this is the best Dota 2 MapHack we have released so far. We have listed all of the Dota2 tool features below 

Only this version will works with 6.79 version

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How To Use:

Download Dota2 Maphack

Open Dota2 Maphack .exe
.Start Dota2
After you open dota2 the satus should change to detected

.Select all 6 Checkboxes

Works with:

OS: Windows & Mac

Download & Scan:

Virustotal Scan results